Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Painting the nursery

This past weekend George and Mom painted the nursery. We painted the bottom half a moss green color and we left the top half beige. I ordered the border that matches the bedding to go at chair rail height. It should be in next week. I took pictures of the room so far, but I can't find the thing to put them on the computer. When I find it, I will post some pictures!

Next order of business is to order the furniture. We have picked out a honey pine convertible crib and changing table.

I realized that October 11th was three months until my due date. Wow, time sure is flying! One Sunday I will officially be in my third trimester.

I had my 27 week appointment on Monday. I passed my Gestational Diabetes test with flying colors, but my blood test shows that I am slightly anemic. So I have to eat lots of meat and leafy green vegetables. Other than that, my doctor says everything looks perfect.

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BCF said...

Yeah, good excuses to eat lots of meat!