Tuesday, July 17, 2012

This kid cracks me up....

A few recent conversations with Myers....

When taking a sip of my unsweetened tea, 
Myers: Mommy, there is something wrong with this tea.  
Me: It isn't sweet tea.  There is no sugar in it.
Myers: Well, it tastes like water tea.

After picking out a pair of shorts to wear,
Me: Go find the blue collared shirt that goes with these.
Myers:  Mommy, there are no shirts in my drawer with collards on them. 

While drawing with sidewalk chalk,
Myers: Mommy, I am making the porch prettiful.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Southern Tradition

This past week was the 184th year of Salem Camp Meeting.  Every year this is a week of spiritual renewal for me and this year was no exception.  We had some wonderful preaching, teaching and hymn singing.  
 Here are the boys in their seersucker for "Big Sunday" service.  I had to get their picture before the service, because I knew they would be pretty dirty within a few minutes!
 Daddy, Myers and Jacob on their way down to the tabernacle.
Myers and Jacob were picked to bring the gold box one day this week.  One child a day is picked and they can put anything they want in the box (as long as it isn't alive and has never been alive!).  During the 11am service, the youth come to the front of the church to sing a special song called "Something Better than Gold." After the song, the gold box is shared and Tom Roberts (the guy who leads the singing) comes up with a short lesson on whatever is in the gold box.  Myers put a toy elephant in the box.