Friday, May 25, 2012

Wine and Dine Half Marathon

Many of you know that I have been running for about a year now.  I have run 3 5ks during this time.  I am up to running about 5 miles on my long runs.

Well, my new goal (and it has really been my goal all along), is to run a half marathon at Walt Disney World.  Yes, that's 13.1 miles, and for someone who has never been much of a runner or athlete of any type, it's a little daunting!  However, I know I can do anything I set my mind to, so I registered for the Wine and Dine Half Marathon on November 10th!  Mom, Dad and my friend Lacy are going to run it as well.

Where will George be during all of this, you ask?  Back at the hotel with the boys!  This is a night time race that starts at 10pm, so someone has to sleep with the boys.  George is more than willing to make this sacrifice!

I am also planning on joining the WDWRadio Running Team.  They raise money for the races they run and the money goes to Make A Wish.  So look for me to also ask for donations towards this cause closer to the race.  I hope you will consider helping me support this great cause.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Jekyll Island trip

A few weeks ago, we went to Jekyll Island to attend the wedding of some friends, Gary and Marlana.  We went down a day early to spend some time at the beach.
This was Jacob's first trip to the beach!  He loved it!  

 The wedding itself was at a place called Driftwood Beach which was really beautiful and fun for the boys.

 Myers made a new friend at the wedding.  They were so cute playing before the wedding.

Jacob's Arm

I never updated the blog about Jacob's arm.  In mid March Jacob fell off the one step from our house to our screened in porch and broke both bones in his lower arm!  He had to wear a cast for almost 6 weeks and then a splint for another 3 weeks.  Here is a picture of him in his cast with a Mickey head that his teacher Ms. Ashley drew.  Jacob was really good natured about the whole thing although he did not like the fact that he wasn't able to take a real bath for that time period!