Saturday, February 6, 2010

Update on my New Year's Resolutions

Since it has been a month, I thought I would give an update on how my New Year's Resolutions were going.

1. Eating healthier and getting in shape- I have lost 15.4 lbs so far. I am competing in the Biggest Loser competition at work and doing a boot camp two nights a week.
2. Read to Myers everyday- Myers has had at least one book read to him everyday. Some nights George has read to Myers when I have been out or not feeling well.
3. Read the Bible more often- This is the one resolution I have not been great about keeping. I did really well the first few weeks of the New Year, but I have been slacking of the past two weeks. I need to get back on top of this one!


blessedjourney said...

Great job on the weight loss!! And on being such a good mommy...

DisMom said...

I'm quite impressed!