Saturday, April 17, 2010

Georgia Renaissance Festival

Today we went to the Georgia Renaissance Festival with Ginny and Allen. We met Mother Goose and got to pet the "duck" as Myers called it. Myers also got to meet King Henry VIII. King Henry was very impressed to meet George Myers the V, but very jealous that Myers was flirting with the queen (and you know what happens when Henry VIII gets jealous!). We also got to meet the King's hunting dogs.
After meeting the King, we ate at the Peacock Tea House and watched "Tartanic" which is a group that plays bagpipe music. Myers really liked it. He danced and clapped along and shouted, "Hey" when the song called for it.
Even after all these years of visiting the Renaissance Festival I still can't talk George into dressing up!

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Steve said...

glad you had fun with all your hippie friends.