Thursday, October 28, 2010

Disney Trip Update...Finally

Myers checking out the Lego dogs outside of the Lego store
George and Myers at Sanaa

Dinner at Chef Mickey's

We had a wonderful trip to Disney in early October!
Our room at Kidani Village was amazing! We could see the animals from our balcony and Myers loved it. When we had to close the door to the balcony, he would cry because he couldn't see the animals anymore. One day he accidentally dropped Bear off the balcony. It very narrowly missed the animal enclosure, and luckily fell on the balcony of another room. I called the front desk and they quickly retrieved Bear for us!

Myers was fascinated with the Monorail and said "Monrail, Monrail" everytime one went passed us! Luckily we have the Monorail playset that goes around our Christmas tree, so we got it out when we came home so Myers could play with it!
We also got to meet up with two friends at Walt Disney World. We met up with Myers teacher from school, her daughter Lexi and her husband in the Magic Kingdom. We rode Pirates of the Caribbean and the Jungle Cruise together which the kids loved. We met up with a friend Susan, that I met on the internet several years ago when we were both pregnant. Her daughter Sammie is just a few months older than Myers. We met up and ate dinner together at Epcot and watched Illuminations. Neither of the kids liked Illuminations very much and cried through the whole thing!
On Saturday, we met up and had breakfast with Mom and Dad. We ate at Boma which was a great breakfast buffet with several traditional African breakfast foods plus plenty of American choices as well.

We had a wonderful trip, and as always it was hard to say "Bye" to the World until our next trip! But it is so exciting that on our next trip, we will be a family of four instead of just three.

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