Monday, June 18, 2012

The Mind of a Child

Myers has entered the wonderful age of imagination and I am loving it!  I had a very vivid imagination as a child.  I had an imaginary friend and an imaginary cat.    I remember the magic of pretending that some pillows and a blanket was an real fort.  Not just thinking it, but actually seeing it.

Myers has quite the imagination.  The corner of our living room has been everything for a city port (from the book Big City Port which is a favorite of his) to his Daddy's "office" to a train station.  I love the stories he tells me when he is playing.  When I step on something in his imaginary place, he says, "Mommy you just knocked over the train!  Didn't you see it??"  Pillows can become train tracks, a piece of yarn can become a narrow bridge, and the fireplace can become a stage.
His Bear-Bear also "talks" to him a lot and I love hearing what he has to say.  Sometimes Bear-Bear gets sick and Myers has to make him better by giving him shots and kisses.  I especially love when Bear-Bear asks me for a hug and a kiss because then I also get a hug and a kiss from Myers (who is so on the move most of the time that I have to beg for hugs and kisses these day!)  So far, Myers has never blamed anything on Bear-Bear, but I am sure that is coming soon.

Oh, and Myers sense of humor is a hoot.  His idea of a joke is, "Knock, knock, it's me!  HAHAHA!!  Isn't that funny Mommy?"

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