Saturday, September 13, 2008

Our family blog

Since we are preparing for our new addition I thought I would begin a blog so everyone can keep up with what is going on.

As of tomorrow I will be 23 weeks pregnant! It is hard to believe that I am over halfway to the birth of our little baby boy. He is kicking pretty regularly, and it is so amazing everytime. To think there is a little person inside of me moving, flipping, and is truly a miracle!

Today George and I went to look at furniture. We found a set at Target that we really liked. It matches the bookshelves that we already have (thanks to Mom and Dad). However, when I came home to look at reviews online, it is no where to be found on the Target website. How frustrating! Oh well, we may just have to call the store and have it reserved for us instead of having it delivered to the house.

While we were at Target we bought one of those devices that allows you to hear the baby's heartbeat. We tried it, but couldn't hear anything yet. the instructions said you could hear sometime between 21 and 28 weeks, so we will continue to try!
Today we also started to organize and rearrange stuff in the basement so we can get the stuff that is in the soon to be nursery moved down there. We cleaned out the room with all my teaching stuff and the mud room. I also packed up 5 bags of stuff to take to Goodwill! Hopefully next weekend we can get the furniture in the dog's room taken apart so we can clean the carpets and move the guest room furniture in there.


Shana said...

Ah, the joys of the baby heart device. What they don't tell you is that you will need to catch the baby first! They aren't as strong as the ones in the office; but once you hear your little one at home-It becomes a wee bit addicting.

Samantha said...

how cool!!! this picture is fantastic! what a sweet little nose :).

thanks for your words to me-- truly, deeply helpful!!!

can't wait to see your baby boy at christmas!!!