Wednesday, December 10, 2008

35 weeks...the countdown begins

This week I am 35 weeks pregnant. We have 31 days until the due date as of today! Most things are ready. I need to wash a few more outfits, we need to install the car seat and have it inspected, and I need to buy a few little things like an extra mattress pad, more diapers, etc. The nursery is almost complete. George is going to do some touch up painting on Saturday, and Mom made us a valance for the windows that we need to hang. We also need to hang the pictures. Once we have everything done I will post pictures of the finished product!

The past two Sunday afternoons we had Childbirth Preparation classes. They were very interesting and informative. The teacher gave us some great strategies for massage that we have already put to use to ease the back pain that I am starting to get by the end of the day. I always feel better when I know all about whatever is coming up, so even though some of the girls seemed scared to death after watching the videos and hearing what all will go on during and after the birth, it put my mind at ease. Now I need to pack the bag for the hospital just in case!

Next week is my last week of school until January 5th, then I will only have 1 week until my due date! It's almost here....

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BCF said...

Can't wait to see the little guy! I'll have some cool stuff from China for y'all by then too.