Sunday, August 23, 2009

Several "firsts" in one day

Aunt Jenna and Myers at the Braves game.

George and Myers at the park.

Myers at the aquarium.

Myers had three "firsts" all in one day.
On Saturday Myers visited the Georgia Aquarium for the first time. He loved looking at all the fish and all the people. He especially enjoyed the tanks that were at ground level because he could sit by himself and try to grab them.
After the aquarium, we walked around Centennial Olympic Park and Myers got to crawl around on the grass. Although, we have taken Myers for walks at the park before, this was the first time that he really got down on the ground to play.
Last night, we went with Aunt Jenna to the Braves game. Jenna is going to have teach Myers all about sports since George and I are hopeless when it comes to the rules of most sports!

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