Saturday, November 8, 2008

Maternity Center Tour

Today George and I took the maternity tour at Northside Hospital. It puts my mind at ease now that we know where we are supposed to enter the building, where we are supposed to park, etc. I have been to the Northside Women's Center twice to see my cousin when her kids were born, but George had never been there so it was good for him to see everything. When we were going up the elevator to start the tour, a lady and her baby were being wheeled out to go home. The baby was so cute and tiny. I teared up thinking, that will be us in about 9 weeks! We also were able to see some babies in the nursery. They were all so tiny. George said, "Are they premies?" It is so easy to forget how small a newborn is when we often see our friends kids who are several months old!

My biggest question was what happens if all 42 labor and delivery rooms were full when we get there? I have heard horror stories about women laboring in hallways because there was "no room in the inn." The lady from the hospital said that they very rarely run out of rooms since building the new center, but now they had a back-up plan that was "nicer than the regular rooms." That put my mind at ease! They have also gotten rid of all semi-private rooms, so I was happy about that too.

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